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Eschatology Debate

The Covenantal Kingdom: A Brief Summary of the Biblical Argument for Postmillennialism  (23 pages)

Eschatology is a hotly debated topic among Christians, with the controversy too often centering on the passages of Scripture that are most difficult to understand. We ought, rather, to build upon the clearest passages and work our way toward the ones that are more difficult. The debate is vital for the issue is not really what Christians think about the future of the world, but how, in the light of their vision of the future, they will live in the world now.

Adam, Noah, and the Kingdom: The Covenants of Genesis and Consistent Eschatology (10 pages)

Eschatology is not the teaching of a few passages of Scripture, it is essential to the whole Biblical message from the very beginning. That means understanding the importance of the covenant with Adam and its renewal in the covenant that God gave to Noah is basic to eschatology. The covenant with Noah, in particular, sheds light on the question of which of the three predominant eschatological schools is in line with the historical development of the covenant.

Understanding Revelation  (1 page)

No one doubts that the book of Revelation is one of the most difficult books in the Bible. When it comes to the details, premillennialists, amillennialists and postmillennialists disagree not only with one another but among themselves. There is, however, a key to the general meaning of the book given by John himself. Ironically, it is precisely those who favor a literal interpretation of what most Christians have regarded as figurative language avoid a literal interpretation of John's key statements.

A Neglected Millennial Passage from Saint Paul  (1 page)

The apostle Paul's basic description of the present age, its purpose and relationship to the future is found in a relatively clear, but too often neglected passage of Scripture. This passage is one of the most important in the New Testament for finding an answer to the pressing eschatological questions of our day.

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