Trinity and Covenant

The Christian Worldview

by Rev. Ralph Allan Smith (1997)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. The Covenantal Standard: Covenant and the Trinity
  • Trinity and Personality
    One and Many
    Trinity and Covenant
  • II. A Covenantal World: Creation and Revelation
  • Covenantal Creation
    Creation as Covenantal Act
    Significance of Covenantal Creation
    Covenantal Revelation
    General Revelation
    Special Revelation
  • III. A Covenantal Map: the Covenantal Outline
  • Determining the Covenantal Outline
    The Essence of the Covenant
    The Outline of the Covenant
    Applying the Covenant Outline
    THEOS Outline: General Map
    THEOS Outline: Detailed Map
  • IV. A Covenantal Tour: Applying the Covenant to Our Day
  • End of History or Beginning of a New Order?
    Covenantal Analysis
    Covenantal Perspective
  • Conclusion: Covenantal Opportunity

  • Copyright 1997 Ralph Allan Smith.  All rights reserved.