Paradox and Truth

Rethinking Van Til on the Trinity

by Comparing Van Til, Plantinga, and Kuyper

by Rev. Ralph Allan Smith (1999)


This book is dedicated to Frank, a Christian businessman who has generously and faithfully supported the ministry of our research center for over ten years. Frank's kindness is all the more remarkable in that he does not entirely agree with our theological position. On the doctrine of the Trinity and its importance for the Christian life, however, I am sure he fully concurs. Without Frank's support, this book would hardly have been possible.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Relative Neglect of Van Til
    The Evangelical Worldview and the Trinity
  • I. Plantinga's View of the Trinity
  • The Oneness/Threeness Problem
    Three Analogies of the Trinity Compared
    Interacting with Plantinga's View
  • II. Van Til's Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Problem of Contradiction
    Question of Novelty
    Purpose of Paradox
  • III. Comparing Van Til with Plantinga
  • Person
    One and Many
  • IV. Kuyper, Covenant, and Worldview
  • The Trinitarian Covenant in Reformed Theology
    Covenantal Language and God's Attributes
    Direction for Reformation
  • Appendix One: On the Trinity, Book 5, by Hilary of Poitiers
  • Appendix Two: Lee Irons on Van Til
  • Appendix Three: John Frame on Van Til's Trinitarianism

  • Copyright 1997 Ralph Allan Smith.  All rights reserved.