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Shakespeare Lecture Series

Shakespeare Lecture Series
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    Pastor Ralph Allan SmithIntroduction to Shakespeare

    For Home School and Christian School Students


    "Shakespeare and Dante are the center of the Canon

    because they excel all other Western writers in cognitive acuity,

    linguistic energy, and power of invention." *


    "Shakespeare is the Canon. He sets the standards and the limits of literature." *




    Why Study Literature? #1 (Stories and Human Nature) [RealAudio] [MP3]

    Why Study Literature #2 (The Bible and Fiction) [RealAudio] [MP3]


    Why Study Shakespeare? #1 (Shakespeare 1. Excellent; 2. Biblical; 3. No Longer Inaccessible) [RealAudio] [MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #2 (Two new tools for studying Shakespeare in homeschools!) [RealAudio] [MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #3 (Shakespeare and Bible References) [RealAudio] [ MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #4 (Shakespeare and Biblical Worldview) [RealAudio] [ MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #5 (Biblical Model – Dialogue) [RealAudio] [ MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #6 (Biblical Model – Guilt) [RealAudio] [ MP3 ]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #7 (Biblical Model – Development) [RealAudio] [ MP3]

    Why Study Shakespeare? #8 (Conclusion) [RealAudio] [MP3]


    Books Recommended in Talks

    Peter J. Leithart, Brightest Heaven of Invention: A Christian Guide To Six Shakespeare Plays

    Peter J. Leithart, Heroes Of The City Of Man

    Naseb Shaheen, Biblical References in Shakespeare's Plays

    Roy Battenhouse, Shakespeare's Christian Dimension: An Anthology of Commentary

    Steven Marx, Shakespeare and the Bible

    * Both quotations at the top of the page come from Harold Bloom, The Western Canon, pp. 46, 50.

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